Thread Facelifts

Thread lift therapy traces its roots to acupuncture practices of the East and proves to be unbelievably effective in controlling and improving both muscle contraction and tissue stimulation. It has the unparalleled ability in lifting and suspending the soft facial tissues to counteract the signs of ageing. These days it is one of the most popular treatments for facial aesthetics. Patients undergoing this nominally invasive treatment are administered with local anaesthesia.

What is PDO thread lift?

It is a nonsurgical procedure to lift the face and the neck. It helps improving the sagging features of the face, including tightening the jaw line, removing eye bags and double chin, apart from reducing crow’s feet and facilitating cheek lifts.

  • thread lifting treatments– an innovative method of face and body tissue tightening, reinforcement and lifting, using sterile re-absorbable lead fine meso-threads. Thread lifts have also been referred to as Silhouette Lifts, Contour Lifts, Suture Lifts, or Happy Lifts. Ever heard of this? It is another non-surgical method that is gaining popularity and taking clients by storm in efficacy and immediate results. Thread lifting is an innovative facial rejuvenation treatment created to gently elevate sagging brows, cheeks, nasal flares, nasolabial folds, lips, jowls, and necklines.

It takes about six months for the threads to get completely dissolved in the skin. The PDO threads stimulate formation of collagen and elastin, which facilitate smoother, firmer and wrinkle-free facial features. The results of a thread life therapy usually last for a couple of years. The treatment also proves helpful in breaking down fat deposits under the chin to redefine both chin and jaw line.

  • Besides the use of neuromodulators which relax muscles such as Botox or Dysport, or the use of Fillers which plump up lost volume, this is a method to not only tighten skin naturally but to fight the effects of gravity and collagen degeneration as we age. This is revolutionary because results are not just immediately visible. They continue to improve 2 months following treatment as collagen remodeling takes effect.

What are the common PDO thread lift treatment areas?

  • Under the eyes to remove eye bags and also to reduce crow’s feet
  • Sagging areas of the cheeks, neck, jowls and also to eliminate double chin problem
  • Smoothing Marionette lines on the lips
  • Improving the appearance of smoker’s lips
  • Smile lines from mouth lines to nose
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lessening furrows on the skin and wrinkles on the neck, face, eyebrows and forehead

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